2007 Missoula Woodcarving Show
Bob Johnson has been 'whittlin' all his life, but a Santa carving class 15 years ago introduced him to folk carving and caricatures. His carvings now range from Santas to Norwegian figures of all kinds. His wife, Lois personalizes the carvings with her detailed painting.

Bob's humorous look at likfe and the people in it makes viewers smile.... and sometimes laugh out loud! Viewers may even see someone they recognize in one of his carvings. Some say each piece looks like the carver himself.

Bob donates many carvings to charities and loves to surprise someone he admires with a carving.... many of which resemble the person he carved them for.
  Display by LeRoy Wesche of Great Falls 
Carving demonstrations were done by Tom Ellis of Spokane - carving faces; Ellen Marten of Plains - pine needle basketry; and Richard LaPlante of Pacific, WA helping anyone wanting to carve
Best of Class and Division Winners