2016 Wood Show
Featured Carver
Renn Corrigan
Judges were:
Novice: Bob Marten
Intermediate: LeRoy Wesche
Advanced: Mel Wheatley
Expert and Best of Type: All Three Judges Together
Best of Type/Class/Division 
Kelvin Badgett: St Maries, ID  - Best of Wood Turning   Nathan Boot: Missoula, MT - Best of Wood Carving 
Best of Class/Division
Leonard Lutey: Helena, MT - Novice - Pyrography  Sandy Haschle: East Helena - Novice - Woodcarving  Connie Gleason: Walla Walla, WA - Intermediate Woodcarving 
Bryon Harwood: Missoula, MT - Advanced - Wood Turnings     John Thompson: Missoula, MT - Expert -Woodcarving 
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