Starting in 2015, The Western Montana Woodcarvers' Show has been replaced with the Montana State Woodcarvers Show. It will be run by the Montana State Woodcarvers Association instead of the Missoula Club. The top links on the left side are for the Western Montana Woodcarvers' Show and the bottom links in blue are for the Montana State Woodcarvers' Show

Welcome to the wood carving, wood turning, wood burning and scrollsaw wood show hosted by the Montana State Woodcarvers. Our show is being held May 5 - 7, 2017 at the Missoula Fair Grounds, Missoula, MT. The 2017 Wood show is the 3rd year of our new format which is hosted by the Montana State Woodcarvers Association. We will be having a carving corral, where people can come and carve or learn how to carve, there will be 3 separate sessions, 2 hrs Saturday morning, 2 hours Saturday afternoon, and then 2 hrs on Sunday afternoon. There is no cost for these carving projects.    Contact person: Tom Collins or phone: 406-529-0239
Show Brochure/Registration Registration Form

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Mailing address:
Bob & Ellen Marten
2401 6th Ave South
Great Falls, MT 59405